Buy sweet plush toys for sale in Cheyenne, WY

Whether you're looking for a great birthday gift or something special for yourself, Bourbon Street Candy has great options for you. Our plush toy section is full of cute and fluffy plush toys for sale. You can stop by when you need something small to give your child as a reward for their good behavior. You can also buy adorable Ty-brand toys to add to your collection.

Your loved one will feel warm and fuzzy when you give them a soft and cuddly plush. Call 307-414-6768 today to find out if we have the plush toy you're looking for in stock.


See what catches your eye

We have plush toys of all sizes. There are small toys that can sit on your desk and big plushies that are perfect for hugging.

You'll find a wide range of plush toys for sale, including:

  • TY Beanie Boos
  • Squishmallows
  • Animal plushies
Your gift isn't complete without something sweet to go with it. You can also pick up homemade fudge or delicious candy at our toy store. Let our team help you put together a memorable gift.